What is a Wickless Candle

A wickless candle is a container candle that does not have a wick.  The use of wickless candles eliminates the chance of fire, flame and soot.  Wickless candles are not burned by flame / fire.  They are heated by a warmer which allows the scent to fill the space but the wax does not evaporate like a candle with a wick. Wickless candles allow for the addition of a higher amount of fragrance than a regular candle. It also allows for items to be added such as botanicals, crystals and colorant powders which are known to clog candles with wicks.

How to use a wickless candle:

Wickless candles are simple to use.  Simply add the candle vessel to the warmer needed and turn on. There are different types of warmers available for wickless candles, choose the one that best suits your needs.